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Buying Guide to Select the Best Posture Braces and Correctors

In today’s modern workplace, a lot of our time is spent sitting at our desks. As tiring and painful as sitting in this position is, many of us tend to feel the urge to get a back massage or a warm Jacuzzi session after sitting in the same posture for long hours. Sitting in this position all day long on a daily basis becomes a routine, and this leads to developing habit of a bad posture. Breaking out of this habit of sitting in bad posture is a monstrous task, and it can take forever.

To develop a proper posture and correct the muscular imbalance caused due to bad posture, you need to be conscious about keeping your back upright all the time. Being constantly aware and concentrated on your posture is not only very difficult but also quite unnatural. This issue can be best tackled by using an effective posture brace to keep your back straight and gradually develop a correct posture.

There is a broad range of posture braces available in the market, and each one comes with some special benefits. To choose the right one can be a difficult task but if you have braced yourself to be free of your stiff neck, read on to find out all that you should know about posture braces.

Qualities to Look for in Posture Braces


There are plenty of specific qualities that a perfect posture brace should have but the most important one is that it should be comfortable. Since most of the posture braces need to be kept on all day long, it is crucial to find a right posture brace that you can wear throughout the day without any hassle, frustration or pain. Pick out the right style according to your body type so that you can wear it to work or anywhere you are headed.

Usually, posture braces come in a universal size that fits everyone, but some do have the option of choosing a particular size. Selecting the right size according to your body type can make a lot of difference. Therefore, selecting a high-quality posture brace that fits you right is crucial.


The idea of buying a cheap posture brace might seem very tempting but remember that neither will it be durable nor have the benefits of a high-quality posture brace. A high-quality posture brace will last much longer, be very comfortable to wear around all day and it will have features that might not be visible, but you'll feel the difference after using them

For instance, a high-quality posture brace will be washable in a machine, and it will be durable enough to last even after several washes. Moreover, after you have worn it for some time, you will be very comfortable wearing it.

Types of Posture Braces

Posture braces can be classified into three different categories based on the purpose for which they are designed. They are:

Standard Posture Braces

The standard postured braces are made of nylon straps, and they have a very soft, cushiony design. They are designed to we worn over the shoulders. They push into the thoracic spine, which is located in the middle of our backs. This pushing action causes the shoulders to retract, and the upper spine straightens up, pushing the chest out and keeping your upper body straight.

Posture Bras and Support Bands

Posture bras and support bands have the same purpose as the standard posture braces, but they fit differently and work differently on different people. Women who have bust-related posture issues can be greatly benefitted by wearing posture bras.

Support bands are designed to be worn along the lumbar spine ( lower back). Many people wear these support bands to avoid hunching or to have support when they are lifting heavy objects. While lifting heavy weights, most of the pressure is applied to the lower back and studies show that despite wearing a support band, the spine cannot be protected from the effects of lifting heavy weights.

Posture Shirts

Posture shirts are just like the standard braces, but they are made out of elastic. They are made to look more like a piece of clothing, and you can get a wide range of designs shapes and colors in this type of posture braces. They also provide discretion, and others cannot make out that you're wearing a posture brace which is a benefit you don't get in any other type of posture brace.

Several companies sell posture shirts which have inbuilt posture brace rather than an attached elastic posture brace. These inbuilt elastic bands are said to push on certain muscles and keep the body upright.

The Right Posture Brace for You

The right posture brace varies from person to person depending on their needs and body type. If you have stiff neck and sore back or you sense that postural defects like hunched shoulders are developing gradually, then standard posture braces are the ones you should go for. They have the required firmness and are of high quality, which is just the thing you need to keep your back straight and provide you with proper seating posture.

If you do not have any serious posture issues, but you're trying to avoid the habit of getting into a bad posture, then posture shirts are the perfect braces for you. These are comfortable, hidden and will provide you the required support to prevent any bad posture issues.

Women can go for the posture bra. Many women face back, shoulder and neck problems which are related to their bust. A posture bra will correct these issues in women with efficiency.


>Is a prescription from doctor required for wearing Posture braces?

No, you do not need a prescription for wearing posture braces. You can order these braces online or get them from any drug store around you. Whether it is just a mild issue or a serious posture defect, you can get a posture brace without any prescription.

>Are Posture Braces and Back Braces same?

Although they can be interchanged yet, posture brace and back brace are designed for entirely different purposes. A back brace is designed to we worn around the lower back, and it is used to prevent any movement in people who have severe injuries. Sometimes they are also worn while lifting heavy objects or for curing severe medical conditions like Scoliosis.

On the other hand, Posture braces are designed for comfort. They are usually for supporting the upper back and the shoulder region. Wearing them regularly prevents humping and bending in a therapeutic manner. It gradually habituates and trains your body into maintaining proper posture without any braces or aids.

>Do posture braces really work?

Absolutely. If you combine your time wearing posture braces with effective back and muscle training exercises, they work in an even more effective manner. The combination of strengthening, training and using the posture brace gives unmatched results. However, even if you do not have time for doing the exercises, the posture brace does the needful to correct your posture.

>How do Posture Braces Work?

The primary job of posture braces is to push certain muscles in your body to reposition themselves in a manner that you get a proper posture. Their primary function is to muscle groups in the core, upper back and shoulders. The elastic material used in making them provides you support and comfort while forcing your muscles to reposition themselves in the right way.

First Step Towards an Improved and Upright Posture

Poor posture is something which, if not corrected timely, gets worse with timely. The longer you wait to work on your muscles and correct your posture, the worse your problem becomes. So start today, before the poison spreads its tentacles, and your posture gets worse. Read our review of the best posture braces available in the market and get your right posture belt. You'll start feeling the changes very soon, and your posture will marginally get better. 

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